Learn the 4 Steps to Self-Publish Video Tutorials

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Webinar Recorded on 09/08/18


An overview of the webinar contents and introducing the speakers. 

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1. Research

The Process

Understand the process for researching what content similar to yours is already in the market. Know what to look for, what to takes notes on, and how to use research for both the creation and the promotion of your course.

This process exposes how to use keyword research to resonate with your viewer, enabling you to speak "their language", so you can fully help them achieve their goals.

The Discussion

Steven Knipping shares his views on researching. Why people should not be discouraged about the fact that there is a lot of content on the internet on the subject they want to teach. 

2. Planning

The Process

Learn how to create a proper course outline and why this vital tool is so important to creating a great tutorial. 

An outline gives you the ability to plan and to iterate and is your primary planning tool. 

The Discussion

You will learn how Steve creates his course outline and how he uses it, to make sure his final course is just the right length. 

3. Production

The Process

Discover what hardware or software to use during recording. Get ideas on organizing your files and naming your videos to maximize efficiency. 

This section also teaches the importance of a good description, a good promo video and how to use it to promote your course and more.

The Discussion

This discussion on producing your tutorial spans from the importance of video length to editing tricks that Steven shares.

We also heavily touch on promotion and give tactical pointers and considerations for promoting your course.

4. Publishing and Promotion

The Process

In this part of the webinar, you will learn what to take under consideration when choosing how and where to publish your course. The things to ask yourself when you are in the process of choosing.

Learn about tutorial promotion and the things you can do to reach thousands of people. 

The Discussion

Steven shares what he did to make his tutorials so successful, including how it was important for him to start with publishing two tutorials and his pricing rational.

5. Last Words and Q&A

The Last Words

Webinar takeaways and the last thoughtful tips that can help make your tutorial a success.


Hear the questions from the live audience answered by Steven and Carlo.